Learn more about Dr. Pawluk and his philosophy on treating the whole person.

Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

  • is a Board-Certified Family Physician
  • has training in Acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and bodywork
  • had academic appointments at a number of universities including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland
  • is a national expert in the medical use of electromagnetics and energy medicine for more than 22 years
  • has appeared on The Dr. OZ Show as an expert in magnetic field therapy devices
  • has authored numerous books, chapters, articles and interviews on magnetics and has been on many scientific/medical panels
  • conducts research on the use of various kinds of electromagnetic systems on wound healing and other applications
  • teaches practitioners on the appropriate use of magnetic therapies
  • practices Holistic/Preventive Medicine with an emphasis on nutrition, cholesterol, wellness, hormone balancing, detoxification, thyroid function and pain management at Your Prescription for Health in Baltimore, MD.
  • appears regularly on the radio in Baltimore
  • helps people with tests and balancing medications and alternative/holistic medicine approaches to health issues
  • works in a complementary way with all kinds of practitioners, including other doctors

A note from Dr. Pawluk

I am frequently asked how I became involved with magnetic therapies. Over 20 years ago, as a family physician, I became frustrated with the tools available to me to help people, particularly with chronic pain. Most the time the only treatment available other than physical therapy or procedures, was medication, mostly either painkillers, such as codeine and other narcotics, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen. Most painkillers are of course addictive and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, especially for long-term use. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories unfortunately have a large risk of harm and damage to the kidneys, stomach and liver. The other alternative is acetaminophen, for example, Tylenol, which can be harmful to the liver. So, I began to look for alternatives outside the usual medical approaches.

The only one that was becoming available at the time was acupuncture. I began to look for ways of doing acupuncture that did not involve using needles. I discovered that magnets are commonly used in the Orient over acupuncture points.  As I worked with magnets, I began to discover that there were many other possible uses for them, besides putting them on acupuncture points. There appeared to be a significant amount written about the use of magnets, but most of this happened to be in foreign languages. Magnets and been used extensively for decades in China, Korea, Japan and Europe. There was also a fairly significant basic science literature already about the use of magnetics. That meant we had a decent understanding from a science perspective how magnets work and also knew that there was extensive experience in other parts of the world.

As a result of this research and with the recent introduction in the United States of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) devices from Europe by Bodyfields, USA, an importing and distribution company,  I finally had access to similar devices described in foreign literature.

The rest, as they say, is history. I began working with many different types of magnetic field devices and produced the drpawluk.com website, to educate the public and practitioners on the use of PEMFs, based on the available published medical science and my clinical experience. During this time, I was also the Vice President for the North American Academy for Magnetic Therapy, for several years.

Drpawluk.com evolved from being a purely educational website to introducing specific PEMF devices to the public and professionals. As we continued to work with people and their needs, health wise and considering cost, we saw the need to keep adding additional devices to our recommended products. The website now provides reviews of individual devices in the store with the opportunity to purchase them. We also provide support and education on how best to use them once they are purchased.

All the devices reviewed and recommended are tested and used by me personally, so that I have a full understanding of their advantages and disadvantages, their technical quality and reliability, and the quality of support available from the manufacturer. In fact, as a result of this selection and support process, we actually stopped recommending one specific manufacturer.

PEMF therapies are coming of age. In fact, there have been a number of new devices approved by the FDA in the medical practice realm in the past 2 decades. Many of these have not been widely accepted by doctors or covered by insurance. The approved devices include those that stimulate bone growth, support muscle function, enhance wound healing, reduce pain and swelling, and stimulate the nervous system to treat severe depression, and treat arthritis.

The reason that I emphasize PEMFs as a therapeutic and preventive health approach is that they are very safe, reliable, very effective a huge percentage of the time, affordable, and very importantly, can be used at home, at the person’s own convenience, creating self-reliant, self-care. Self-reliant self-care has been an overriding goal of mine as a physician. The essence of prevention is self-care. My belief has always been that we all need to know how to take care of ourselves and we need the resources to be able to do that. As much as we can, we should get whatever information and support we need from our clinicians or physicians, or other sources of good information, to be able to manage our own personal care.

Wishing you all the best in your health,

William Pawluk, MD, MSc


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