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  • Especially intended for use overnight
  • Relatively high intensity
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Earth Pulse System
The Earth Pulse is a PEMF device primarily intended for use overnight for sleep assistance, though it can be used for local problems as well. When placed under the pillow overnight, it will produce a magnetic field to “entrain” the brain so that it can cycle through normalized sleep rhythms. It can be helpful both for falling asleep and staying asleep.


There are 8 programs in the Earth Pulse system – 4 of them are sleep programs. The 4 sleep programs vary slightly, and are chosen based on the severity of the sleep problem. There are 2 entrainment programs – one for alerting and one for relaxing. There is also an alert program and a recovery program.

Field Intensities

The intensity of the Earth Pulse is based on the configuration of the coil itself. When completely intact, the unit produces a maximum of 650 gauss. As pieces of the coil are removed, the field intensity decreases.


The system can be run for between 15 minutes and 12 hours, with time selection in 15-minute increments.

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Earth Pulse

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