In Short:

  • Extremely wide frequency range
  • Customizable programming, including waveform selection
  • Relatively high intensity
  • Starting at $5,800.00


MAS systemThe MAS Special Multi is an extremely versatile, programmable PEMF system. The MAS has an extensive array of pre-set programs to select from as well as the capability for a high degree of individualization.
Because of the legacy of experience behind the development of this system, it is one of the most sophisticated magnetic field systems available. Because of its broad spectrum of application possibilities it allows multiple, flexible treatment options. It is already being used with high levels of satisfaction by private individuals, numerous top athletes, many clinics and therapists.
The MAS magnetic field system was designed based on technical input from researchers and scientists from Russia, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. It has been available for therapeutic applications for at least 10 years.
The MAS has been found to improve circulation, improve the oxygenation of cells and strengthen the immune system.


There are more than 90 programs in the MAS unit. Programs are grouped into 8 categories, including wellness, reflexology, biorhythms, sport, and general therapies. Some programs contain one frequency, and some contain multiple frequencies within a preset range. Programs are generally chosen based on the condition chart in the user manual.

Field Intensities

Each program will default to a certain intensity (shown as a percentage of the maximum intensity, which is 100 gauss). Default intensities can be adjusted by the user. In each preset program, the intensity fluctuates by the minute for the duration of the program, preventing the body from becoming accustomed to the stimulus.


The system can be run for between 1 minute and 12 hours. Most programs default to 30 minutes.

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MAS Special Multi+

MAS Special Multi +
Versatile and unique PEMF system. Includes control box, full-body mattress, small applicator.

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