In Short:

  • Excellent for clinicians
  • High intensity
  • High price tag


PEMF-120 single:lasso coil 2
The PEMF-120 is a high-intensity system primarily used for local treatments, but with the option of full-body treatment. It is strong enough to produce muscle contractions in some instances, and is principally used for stubborn pain problems, for those with large body mass, or for athletes. It is generally a system for clinicians, though it is available to the end-user.


There is one program. The unit produces frequencies between 1 and 50Hz. Which frequency is being produced is dependent upon what intensity has been selected – the higher you have the intensity set, the lower the frequency will be.

Field Intensities

The maximum intensity this unit will produce is 1.5 Tesla. Based on the programming, the maximum intensity will only be produced at the lowest frequency.


The program will run for 3 minutes. Average treatment time is 12-18 minutes.

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PEMF-120 Desktop

PEMF 120 System
Fast results for clinicians. Includes control box, rope coil, loop coil, and butterfly coil. Optional full-body mat

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